How do I choose the right moving company?

There’s a lot to do to prepare for a move, from packing boxes to relocating furniture. Choosing a moving company to handle the heavy lifting can make all the difference in whether your move goes smoothly or is a headache. When choosing a moving company, check the firm’s years in business, the number of customer service agents, and its ratings on online review sites such as the Better Business Bureau. Also, ask for referrals from friends and family members.

Full-service movers pack and transport customers’ items, including home and office contents and autos. They may also provide storage services. Some companies offer a range of add-on services, such as cleaning or appliance installation. Depending on the type of move, prices can vary considerably. For example, packing a full-size bedroom typically costs more than a half-bedroom. In addition, specialty services such as art and wine shipping cost more than standard options. It’s important to know your budget and the scope of your move before choosing a moving company.

A reputable moverĀ moving company in Henderson, Nevada will catalog your belongings to ensure that everything is properly packed and transported. Some companies use video chatting or in-home visits to give more accurate estimates than those made over the phone. Regardless of how you choose to get an estimate, look for a binding price, which is a guaranteed bottom line written into the contract, and avoid companies that don’t include this in their quotes.

Local moving companies generally pick up and transport your belongings to a new house in the same city, or to another location within 100 miles of your old address. Interstate moving companies operate across state lines, while international movers take you overseas. Some interstate movers are carriers, while others act as brokers and hand off the work to independent carriers. Become familiar with the differences and interplay between these types of companies and check out their licensing at FMCSA.

Most movers require some form of upfront payment, whether a refundable deposit or an initial percentage of your total moving bill. These amounts typically range from 10% to 40%, and they’re charged during or immediately after the quoting process. Long-distance moves usually include more defined pricing that won’t change unless you add or remove services from the quote.

Some movers specialize in specific services, such as packing, relocating pets, or disposing of hazardous waste. Others are more general and offer a wider range of add-on services. For example, some companies will recycle all the packing materials, including discarded boxes and soiled wrapping paper, while others will discard all materials that can’t be reused.

A reputable moving company will provide excellent customer service and respond quickly to any problems that arise. Companies should also engage with their communities by getting involved in local events and sponsoring charitable causes, which helps build brand recognition. They should also solicit testimonials from satisfied customers and share them on their website and social media accounts.